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ask-theivan whispered:
What does Gilbert do when Ivan is the one drunk?

He has only to be patient and wait when Ivan sobers up. But Russia is very kind when drunk.image

And… so many questions and so little time

Anonymous whispered:
How does Ivan react when Gil gets sick?

Something like that..


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Парни, вам часто приходится ревновать друг друга?

Question: Guys, you often have to be jealous?


Russia: too often I have to be jealous him, especially when Gilbert wakes heterosexual. And it always happens when he meets the Czech Republic (blonde) or Hungary.


Gil: Does anyone dare not remain faithful to the Great Me?

Anonymous whispered:
what would be the reaction of Ivan faced with Gil child and vice versa ?



like … it? Gilbert really is better with children

Второй админ как обычно творит херню, пока художник не видит.

Hey, guys~
Ask more interesting questions.image

Did Gilbert ever see Ivan during Imperialist times in Russia? (( cute blog!!! ))


After   Seven Years’ War Russia and Prussia cooperated, so they often see. Peter III was happy Russian - Prussian relations, as all Prussian loved.
Gil: «He stole my uniform!»

A little help:

Heir to the throne of Peter F. for many years of his life in Russia has not been able to become Russian. All Russian was alien to him. All German, especially Prussian, it was nearer and dearer. However, he did not conceal his sympathies to the Prussian King Frederick II, which at this point was at war Russia. 

And as soon as Peter F. became Emperor Peter III, he abruptly changed the policy of Russia. Peter III immediately cease hostilities against Prussia and concluded with Frederick II Petersburg world on extremely unfavorable terms for Russia returned conquered East Prussia (which is already four years was part of the Russian Empire), and abandoning all acquisitions during the Seven Years’ War actually won. Russia’s withdrawal from the war re- saved from total defeat Prussia (the “Miracle of the House of Brandenburg”). Peter III easily sacrificed for the sake of the interests of Russia and the German duchy of friendship with Friedrich idol.

P.S.: The peace in society caused bewilderment and indignation; he was regarded as a national humiliation and betrayal. Long and costly war ended in a stalemate, Russia derives no benefit from their victories.

After that Peter III had intended to start a war against Denmark - old offender his native Holstein, changed Russian Prussian army uniforms, began to spread among the troops for their unusual Prussian orders.

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