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Cool man
Anonymous whispered:
Hey guys! Can we see your amazing muscles? please ~

Admire much as you want!
We do not mind .. kesese.. image



Anonymous whispered:
Гил, в чём(в какой одежде) ты бы хотел увидеть Ваню? Кроме "в никакой", плз.

Q: Gil, what (what clothes) you would like to see Vanya? Except “in any” plz.

Gil: Yeah! 

Ivan: No way! 


Anonymous whispered:
How do you guys feel about the anti-gay laws in Russia...? Also, do Putin and the other Russian politicians even know about you guys?


Gil: I do not like this idea with such a law, given that Russia is much more gay than it might seem. This infringes human rights and freedoms. Not necessarily to legalize such marriages, but freedom must be present. The people themselves must learn easier to perceive same-sex couples. For Russia it’s like a relic of the past.
I think if they found out about our relationship, I would be immediately separated from Ivan. It would be sent on a long trip and loaded work.

Ivan To us this law has not affected because nobody forbids gays live together.

Q: For what reason you fight more often?

Ivan: Kaliningrad~

Gilbert: KILL YOU!!! b*tch

ask-theivan whispered:
What does Gilbert do when Ivan is the one drunk?

He has only to be patient and wait when Ivan sobers up. But Russia is very kind when drunk.image